Biosphere Science Productions

Biosphere Science Productions (BSP) focuses on ecological research and related productions of films, publications and books. It occupies commercial activities and research too, and possesses publisher rights.

Eddy Kuis (photography)

A massive and impressive collection of bird and nature footage gathered from across numerous European countries. The museum is honoured to be permitted to use material from his legacy for website, workshop or presentation purposes.

Experimental Zoology Group (Wageningen University)

A large share of the specimens collected for dissections and workshops are shared with the WUR Experimental Zoology Group, for which material is used in several courses or research projects before or after being used for museum purposes.

RIAS – Wildlife Rescue Centre

Being one of the largest animal rehabilitation centres of Portugal, RIAS is willing to supply the museum with many special specimens, including some typical Iberian species, for dissections. They also help the museum enlarge its outreach in nature conservation across several countries.

Dutch Animal Rehabilitation Centres

The following Dutch animal rehabilitation or rescue centres supply the museum with specimens for dissections and assist in creating outreach for nature conservation:

Stichting Vogelasiel Someren e.o.
Wildopvang de Bonte Piet
Wildopvang & Educatie Avolare
Faunavisie Wildcare
Vogelrevalidatiecentrum Zundert
Vogelhospitaal Haarlem
Vogelopvang Terschelling

World of Birds Foundation

The World of Birds Foundation owns a unique bird collection, in order to conserve parrot (sub)species and other exotic birds, and to educate breeders and pet keepers with crucial information for correct animal husbandry. Aside from this, it offers nursery and aims for rehoming of birds. Specimens are made available for dissections regarding exotic birds within projects of the museum.

Scottish Owl Centre

The Scottish Owl Centre hosts a unique collection of owls from all continents and provides the museum with owl specimens for dissections and ecological or conservation-related knowledge in specific cases.

Vogelpark Avifauna

The most avian-related zoo of The Netherlands with a noteworthy collection. The museum was invited to present new insights in bird anatomy and ecology for a park tour guide team, and more collaborations will follow in the future.