Urban Landscapes

Most animal species lost their natural position in our built-up urban areas. Some, however, may live in parks, large complexes of gardens or suburbia, as these surroundings somewhat resemble the wild outdoors. In the city they can profit from our waste, from food laid out at (bird) feeders and also from a milder climate during winter. Some animals, however, such as rats, mice and feral animals like pigeons, thrive in urban landscapes. 

These animals, but also our waste bins, attract predators that hunt the skies or roam around, often under the cover of darkness. Other animals discovered the cities as collections of artificial cliffs, which they can use to nest, regardless of whether they depend on the city for food. Small towns offer the comforts of urban landscapes, but also allow for foraging in farmlands and more natural habitats.

Find out how a swift can breed under roofs, how falcons hunt “fast food pigeons” and why central heating attracts bats in the urban jungle!

Animals of urban landscapes

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Common swift

Peregrine falcon

Eurasian hedgehog

Great tit

Rose-ringed parakeet

Common pipistrelle